About Us

Lets take a look about Scooter Cafe

Scooter Cafe

Scooter Cafe is a mobile food service company that uses side-car grillers attached to Scooters to prepare and serve customers their favorite food, at their most convenient locations. The Company was started by two young entrepreneurs Ganesh and AravindRaj in 2017 after they identified the need for mobile food stations that gives customers the taste of having good food in restaurants and at the same time eat at a place much suitable to their work-style and convenience.


Though the idea of having mobile cooking stations originated with food trucks, the practicality of having them placed in busy areas were always a problem.

Replacing the trucks with two-wheelers instead solved the problem as they were easy to park, easy to access, extremely compact and gave the customers a reason to go and try out their favorite delicacies.

Our Objective

The objective of Ganesh and AravindRaj is to expand and provide this experience to as many people as possible benefitting both the end consumers as well as people aspiring to be a part of the service providing the network through affordable franchise models.

Big Thanks to All of You!

Thanks to the demand, Scooter Cafe has already started expanding and is looking forward for more franchise orders.

The affordability factor makes it simple and easy for people looking to invest and run a franchise on their own.  For enquiries, please email us at [email protected]